Sharing our Faith

When I came to LA, I didn’t know exactly who I would be building into as a community…I had spent way too much time focused on this life in my short life, so spending time with the poor and homeless who have more of a relationship focus has been good for me. We might gather around people feeding us for free or trying to get a shower in but the conversations seem more deeper and much more God focused….sometimes they are pretty raw..there’s a lot I’m learning about trusting God…the days I have limited contact with those I love, I have to trust God that He is caring for them…the ability to focus on a simple life stems from my lack of housing….I just roll up my sleeping bag @ about 6am and put it down around 9 or 10pm… Believe it or not I don’t stress about this as the freedom is needed in me hashing out what I see happening spiritually and being available to do something about it….these are just some of my thought these days…random ramblings in me trying to figure out doing life as I follow Jesus here in LA….LOL just figured out I said NOTHING about sharing our faith….oops, sorry

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