Unity and open communication

Unity among believers is very much at the heart of our heavenly Father. Here is one story of victory from the book The Bondage Breaker-The Next Step by Neil T. Anderson”As the Lord opened the doors for ministry there(In Cuba), we introduced the pastors of an indigenous denomination to the Steps to Freedom in Christ. For several hours we taught and practiced the Steps in a group setting. When we got to the step of forgiveness, the pastors mentioned a splinter group that had left the denomination with 12 churches and their buildings. With tears in their eyes, the pastors forgave the group and the Lord healed the pain caused by the division. The Spirit of joy permeated our gathering and as they closed the meeting they collected a love offering for the splinter group! The Holy Spirit’s work that day was remarkable because it brought healing to pastors who had bitterness against each other. After this day of genuine repentance, the denomination began to experience incredible growth. They were able to have a greater impact on unbelievers because they had dealt with their sin of division. Unity among believers is at the very core of Jesus’ heart.”
Dave Ping and Anne Clippard in their book Quick to Listen Leaders share other good stories of how listening also helps people enter into repentence and forgiveness with one another. Bill Lowrey Director of Peacemaking and Reconciliation for the World Vision International tells of an opportunity to aide in peacemaking among two African tribes after years of war. The primary means of transmission of important ideas was elaborate storytelling for this culture so they staged an event where both tribe leaders were allowed to sit and hear each other’s stories, one at a time. When allowed to talk as long as they needed without being interrupted or arguing….just sharing of stories of the pain, their suffering and the sacrifices made because of the war…eventually there was a willingness to forgive and work together for peace

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