Working on our knees by J O Fraser

Solid lasting missionary work is done on our knees. “I cannot insist too strongly on my own helplessness among these people apart from the grace of God. I find myself able to do little or nothing apart from God’s going before me & working among men. Without this I feel like a man who has his boat grounded in shallow water….let the tide come in & lift his boat off the bottom-then he will be able to move it as far as he pleases, quite easily & without fiction….the amount of progress made thereby depends almost entirely on the state of the Spiritual tide in the village-a condition which you can control upon your knees as well as I can”…this is a entry in Fraser’s journal as he worked among the Lisu people. He got people in his homeland{England} to offer prayer support for the work he was involved with among an unreached people group….Who is your prayer support?….people who come alongside your work, to “enhance” your prayers and labor on the field…

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