Community Building


It’s the grace of God when I don’t act out of anger…talked with the neighbor’s last night about the man that is frequently drunk and speaks loudly throughout the night near where I live…It keeps a lot of people from a good night sleep BUT it was also a good opportunity to in love speak into the neighbor’s lives on God’s compassion and dealings with each of us…I had to apologize about yelling in the middle of the night2 weeks ago for him to shut up & go to bed and then got a chance to share how we all can come together to have a healthy community where we walk with this guy in prayer & practicals for him to see himself as someone God created & loves dearly….then told “Joey” that we need him to quietly go in his brother’s apartment and not keep us up all night. Told him God has a great plan for him but he needs to be responsible and start making good choices. Told him of God’s great love for him….spoke much of our heavenly Father’s love & attention to his life….”God has some good stuff for you to do in this life and it is not what you are currently doing” It is much easier to say this with the Spanish community because MOST have a Catholic background and they have a basis of God being holy…”Joey” kept repeating what I said about our Heavenly Father…God is working all the time….let’s join in the good things with our eyes wide open

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