Hope & truth & en[courage]ment

“I was born in North Korea. This is my way of helping to get the gospel back to my countrymen,” she told CBN News.

This is how the balloon Bible smuggling works: A hole in the balloon is filled with helium. A strip of tape is placed around it and then of it goes into the skies of North Korea.
“The helium will leak out of the balloon and eventually fall to the ground,” Duk explained. “And when someone picks it up, they’ll be able to read all 16 chapters of the book of Mark.”

In the past, Peter used boats with other groups to launch balloon offensives from the sea. These balloons are larger and contain a small radio, a Bible, and other Christian literature.  

“Ok, this is not the most sophisticated or high-tech method,” he acknowledged. “But when you are dealing with a country that is restricted, very secretive, and punishes its citizens, we have to try something to get hope to them.”

“By sending these balloons, we let our North Korean brothers and sisters know that we are praying for them and the scriptures on the balloons are meant to encourage them,” one undercover believer said

from CBN News George Thomas

Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh De Moss


1. God is not really good.

2. God doesn’t love me.

3. God is just like my father.

4. God is cruel and overbearing.

5. God is not really enough.

6. God’s Word is not sufficient.

7. I need someone or something more than God (food, shopping, friends, house).

8. God can’t forgive what I’ve done.

9. God’s ways are too restrictive.

10. God should fix my problems.

11. God has not come through for me.


1. I am not worth anything.

2. I am not responsible for my sinful choices.

3. I can’t help the way I am.

4. I can sin and get away with it (no reaping and sowing).

5. Someone else is responsible for the way I am.

6. It’s ok to do what I need to do in order to get my needs/longings met.

7. I should not have to live with unfulfilled longings (if I want it I should go get it; sexual, lustful. and I should have it now).

8. I have my rights (fosters rebellion).

9. My sins are not really that bad.

10. I can’t walk in victory over sin.

11. A career outside of my home is more satisfying than being a wife and mother.

12. I don’t have time to do everything I’m supposed to do.

13. External beauty is far more important than inner character.

14. I am a victim.

15. My depression is probably caused by a chemical imbalance.


1. I must have a husband to be happy.

2. My husband is the reason I am unhappy.

3. Marriage is a democracy.

4. It’s my responsibility to change my husband.

5. I just can’t take any more.

6. My husband is supposed to serve me and make me happy (bondage).

7. My circumstances will never change.

8. If I submit to my husband I’ll be miserable.

9. If I don’t step in and take the ‘bull by the horns’ it won’t get done. Everything will fall apart.

10. I can have an emotional relationship with a man and it will not harm my marriage.

11. I would be so much better off if I could just run away.

12. My marriage is hopeless.

13. I’m better off getting a divorce than staying in a bad marriage.

14. If my husband is unfaithful to me I am free to leave.

15. If my husband is unfaithful to me I could never forgive him.

16. If my husband doesn’t love and respect me I have the right to leave.

17. I shouldn’t have to put up with suffering in my marriage, and neither should my friends.

18. I would be happier if I were married to another man.


1. Children are a burden.

2. I must decide how many, and when, I will have children.

3. All children go through teenage rebellion.

4. I could do more for God if I didn’t have children.

5. Children need to be exposed to the ‘real world’.

6. I am not responsible for how my children turn out.

TRUTH ABOUT GOD. God is good. God loves me. God is enough. God can be trusted. God’s grace is sufficient for my situation. Jesus is Truth, His Word is Truth.



So how does this prayer stuff work…really? How does God take our simple requests and make them a reality here down on earth? Recently I did a quick read on an incident that happened in a small town named Cokeville. In 1986 it was a ranching community of 550 people. A man and his wife had planned for years to take out the youth population of the community and in the process die themselves. It was a very short but disturbing story for me to read as the book was very detailed and I read only this chapter on this miracle. I want to remind you that it is not people that our emotions need to be directed to when we hear this stuff but Satan. He is the one at the very heart of the evil in our world. 1 Timothy 4:10, Ephesians 6:12 and 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 are good verses to read to understand beyond the here and now. So with the bombs that eventually went off and the destruction that hit that small town…the only people killed were the man and his wife, who thought they held all the cards. The story tells of the kids praying and God answering their prayers by the sending of angels to instruct and protect the kids. One quarter of the town’s population was held hostage in a school classroom. The chapter in the book tells of the amazing accounts of God being present to prepare this small town for the coming events that were later reported as a miracle. “They saved us. I said a prayer and they saved us.” was one small child’s account of the horrific event that shook that small town. “They” being God’s angels sent to protect us (It was later revealed that the children saw angels in the classroom who instructed, guided  & protected them)15196_4523503239204_1705379183_n…to God be the glory as He answers prayers. God is at work all the time and very involved with the things that affect us from seemingly small stuff to large scale stuff like this.  “To say it was a miracle would be the understatement of the century, ” said bomb expert Richard Haskell…As I study prayer and especially strategic prayer, it encourages my heart to hear of the protective nature of God as He holds the whole world in His hands. He brings strength and courage when we need it but He also offers comfort, rest and encouragement. May this blog post bring both to you….for God’s glory!!

Why and How to Pray for Missionaries by Dr. Will Bruce

by Dr. Will Bruce

“Why do we say: “Brothers and sisters, pray for us”? There are many reasons, including those listed below. The full-time missionary must have the intercessory missionary working with him on a regular, systematic basis. We cannot work independently in the salvation, discipling, and training of national leaders. 2 Cor. 10:4.”

For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. 2 Corinthians 10:4

1) The missionary is invading enemy territory Pray that souls will be released from Satan’s bondage and will put their trust in Christ. Pray that the missionary will recognize the attacks of the Adversary and use Scriptural weapons in the battle.

2) The missionary faces many frustrations Pray for the missionary to be graciously flexible and able in very practical ways to obey the injunction of Philippians 4:6 (worry about nothing, pray about everything).

3) The missionary has need of self-knowledge Pray that the missionary will learn to submit his own desires and inclinations to God’s Holy Spirit, and then that the fruit of the Spirit will be more and more apparent in the life of the missionary. Pray that he will understand and appropriate all he has and is in Christ.

4)The missionary faces loneliness Pray that the missionary will experience fellowship with God in new and satisfying ways

5) The missionary must remember the meaning of being a missionary Pray that the missionary will have the humility of Christ as described in Philippians 2:5-8.

6) The missionary’s need for stability Pray that in each of these areas the missionary will develop mature stability. Pray that the missionary will get his true identity and self-worth from who he is in Christ and not from success or what others think or say about him

7) The missionary’s insight needs to be sharpened Pray that the missionary will have a heightened sympathy and insight into the heart-needs of those around him. Pray, too, that he will have insight and heavenly wisdom to know what God would have him undertake, and how He would have him go about it.

8) The missionary needs good interpersonal relationships Pray that in this important area the missionary will be surrendered to God and sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Pray that he will see his own personal needs. And that couples would love each other with agape love seeking the highest good rather than claiming their rights.

9) The missionary’s need to be filled with the Spirit Pray that the missionary will be able to obey the injunction of Ephesians 5:18; Galatians 5:16,25 (“Be filled with the Spirit …” and therefore, walk in the Spirit) and that he will always keep short account with God (1 John 1:9), be aware of Satan’s deceptions and hate all sin

10) The missionary’s health problems Pray that God will keep the missionary in that condition of health that will best glorify Him.

11) The missionary’s travel Pray for safety in travel.

12) The missionary’s children Pray for the health of missionary children. Pray that both parents will be godly role models and will do all they can to help their children develop godly self-worth. Pray that parents may have wisdom in providing for their education. Pray that children, as well as parents, will have a good understanding and attitude should separation become necessary for schooling. Pray especially that the children will not let any bitterness take root because of separation

13) The missionary’s constant need to show love Pray that at all times, in all circumstances, with all people, we will take that which God has so fully and freely provided. “God has given … TAKE.”

14) Share the missionary’s burden for additional workers, both national and foreign Pray that many more at home and on the foreign field would become co-workers to gather in the harvest and disciple those who are coming to Christ

15) The missionary’s own intercessory life Pray that the missionary will recognize and faithfully fulfill his part in prayer for the work to which God has called him2892_4309753335590_1161790581_n


Prayer by David Platt

10513349_10203413474271101_952221848700024997_nI think its interesting that in the church today so many of us ask, “why is prayer necessary?”

Maybe we don’t ask it, but we really don’t show with our lives that prayer is necessary and so we

show with our lives that we’re asking, “why is prayer necessary?”

You know why I think we ask that question? Because you don’t need prayer when you’re

watching TV. We don’t need prayer when we’re mindlessly surfing the internet. You don’t need

prayer then. You don’t need prayer when there’s nothing at stake in your walk with Christ. You

don’t need prayer when there’s no risk in Christianity. You don’t need prayer when Christianity

consists of monotonous religious motion of routine, week in and week out. You don’t need prayer

for that. You can do that on your own.

But when you risk everything to glorify Jesus Christ, you need prayer. When you sacrifice your

possessions and your dreams, and your hopes and your career, and you lay it all on the line and

you stake your reputation down on your allegiance to Christ, you need prayer. When you’re

longing day in and day out is to lead people to Jesus Christ, you need prayer. You rely on prayer.

You are desperate for prayer, because you’re devoted to his mission. And when the aim of your

life is to affect as many people with the Gospel of Christ for the glory of Christ, you will find

yourself given over to prayer.