Hope & truth & en[courage]ment

“I was born in North Korea. This is my way of helping to get the gospel back to my countrymen,” she told CBN News.

This is how the balloon Bible smuggling works: A hole in the balloon is filled with helium. A strip of tape is placed around it and then of it goes into the skies of North Korea.
“The helium will leak out of the balloon and eventually fall to the ground,” Duk explained. “And when someone picks it up, they’ll be able to read all 16 chapters of the book of Mark.”

In the past, Peter used boats with other groups to launch balloon offensives from the sea. These balloons are larger and contain a small radio, a Bible, and other Christian literature.  

“Ok, this is not the most sophisticated or high-tech method,” he acknowledged. “But when you are dealing with a country that is restricted, very secretive, and punishes its citizens, we have to try something to get hope to them.”

“By sending these balloons, we let our North Korean brothers and sisters know that we are praying for them and the scriptures on the balloons are meant to encourage them,” one undercover believer said

from CBN News George Thomas

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