Resolving Hypocrisy 101

RESOLVING HYPOCRISY from the Freedom In Christ Ministries

Check each way, either in the past or present, that you have pretended outwardly something that is not true inwardly.


Pretending to obey parents while being inwardly rebellious.

 Criticizing other’s failures when my spiritual problems are similar.

 Pretending to care for others while being bitter, resentful and angry.

 Saying one thing with my lips outwardly, but thinking differently in my heart.

 Saying I love someone when, in reality, I really hate them.

 Only telling the things about myself that I want others to know, instead of what is true.

 Being afraid of what others would think if they knew what I was like on the inside.

 Projecting myself as having it all together (no problems) out of fear of rejection from others.

 Dishonesty in sharing my weaknesses with others for fear of being rejected.

 Lying about things that happen, to cover up what I do.

 Lying to gain the acceptance of others.

 Identifying the problems that others have but not seeing my own. Matthew 7:5

 Asking others to do things I am unwilling to do (i.e. clean house, wash dishes, etc….


Pretending to be close to God, when not desiring or enjoying a relationship with Him.

 Practicing religious activity to be seen and praised by men. Matthew 6:2,5,16

 Pretending to be excited about fellowship with other believers, when in reality only wanting to impress them with my spirituality.

 Giving money to gain the praise of men. Matthew 6:2

 Praying to impress others with my spirituality. Mathew 6:5

 Fasting to impress others with my spirituality. Matthew 6:16

 Pretending to be excited about service for the Lord, when merely doing it out of obligation.

 Pretending to live a holy life, but inwardly wishing I didn’t have to.

 Pretending to be a spiritual person when I’m really not.

 Saying I love God, but not obeying what He commands in His Word. Luke 6:46

 Saying I have an intimate relationship with God, but seldom seeking Him in prayer.

 Obeying God because of a fear of what others will think of me.

 Making spiritual decisions based on other’s expectations of me.


Pretending to have pure moral thoughts while yielding to lustful thoughts.

 Telling my spouse I am morally pure when being unfaithful in desires, thoughts or actions.

“Lord, I acknowledge and renounce my hypocrisy as evidenced through my (item checked above). I thank you for your forgiveness for my hypocrisy and choose to respond with openness, truthfulness and honesty from my heart.”

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