Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh De Moss

One of the church plants I help out is trying to help their communities w/ oppression of women. Here’s some conversation starters What are truths from scripture?



1. God is not really good.

2. God doesn’t love me.

3. God is just like my father.

4. God is cruel and overbearing.

5. God is not really enough.

6. God’s Word is not sufficient.

7. I need someone or something more than God (food, shopping, friends, house).

8. God can’t forgive what I’ve done.

9. God’s ways are too restrictive.

10. God should fix my problems.

11. God has not come through for me.


1. I am not worth anything.

2. I am not responsible for my sinful choices.

3. I can’t help the way I am.

4. I can sin and get away with it (no reaping and sowing).

5. Someone else is responsible for the way I am.

6. It’s ok to do what I need to do in order to get my needs/longings met.

7. I should not have…

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Evangelism in LA

I have been reading & researching a lot on evangelism. Sharing my faith is a lifestyle for me and I want to help others enter into living intentionally. Here in LA I have been attending a lot more of a variety of denominations than I ever did when I lived in Michigan. Each group has their strengths and most have their preference as to how they go out to the lost in their communities. Some of the poorer communities are used to gathering in groups so it seems reaching out to others through relationships are easier for them. With resources limited they are more likely to not use costly methods.  I have used gospel tracts, investigative Bible studies, street preaching and relational evangelism while here. I believe that serving people with the intent to have them know God personally has it’s value. Unfortunately I have seen people never take the next step after serving people to enter into a discussion on their eternal life. Then it becomes more of a social work. When I want God to use me in people’s lives, it makes sense to me to be equipped with gospel tracts to help guide the conversations. I am a person who genuinely cares about others wellbeing. It would be easy to listen to others and feel their pain and ultimately not offer them any hope. When I first got here in LA, I was limited in my written materials/tools I use. In just talking to people I would easily invite them into talking about what’s really going on in their head. I guess God made me to be a safe person, so people trust me with their feelings. Offering hope to people is a privilege God has entrusted to us as Christians. People I meet are thirsty to know truth. God’s Word is truth. It has the ability to change people from the inside(what they believe) to their outside(how they behave). I am not sure if people understand the power behind a testimony as a lot of people share their story without sharing verses from the bible. Sometimes it appears then that it’s all about the person rather that about Jesus. God’s Word does not go out in vain. It will accomplish what it was ment to do…like making people thirsty for God. It’s God’s Word that makes our lives salty and attractive. Reading the Word, sharing the Word, hiding it in our hearts.

So one of the ways to share the gospel with people is to consider their spiritual background. If they have a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness background, it’s good to talk about grace being how we enter into a relationship with God. Ephesians 2:8-9 says “For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of ourselves; it is the gift of God, not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.” Both of these religious groups are merit or works based. They have to witness a certain amount and keep track of it to report their good standing to their leaders. When you speak of God’s favor being based on a relationship through Jesus’s death on the cross  and the unconditional love offered to us. It speaks volumes to these works based groups. Thesehope4tampa image verses have the ability to break down spiritual walls or strongholds in their life. It would be similar to what Paul did to the various crowds of people he spoke to in the book of Acts. Speaking into their culture strongholds with truth paved the way for the truth of the gospel to penetrate their hearts

So with the people you are reaching out to, what are their stronghold or walls that keep them from receiving the Truth of the gospel? What bible verses would help breakdown the lies that hold their walls together?


Pic from Hope4Tampa