Discipleship & Team Building

I am currently reading a book by Bill Hull called The Complete Book of Discipleship. When a chapter captures me with inspiration or tools I can use, I will blog on it. In the chapter called “The disciple-making environment: What makes things grow,” Bill defines love as an action designed for the benefit of others. He speaks of people imprisoned and calls those environments places to say “thank you, prison camp” for it’s ability to contribute to their spiritual growth. It refreshed me to see people embracing difficulties to be blessed to be more like our Creator. He then speaks of a phrase “Can I trust me with you?” revealing a yearning for acceptance and a safe place to be real.He says that in order to flourish we need trust, grace, humility, submission and affirmation in our environments. When we trust and as a result become vulnerable, we then are giving others permission to speak into our lives.He speaks of grace being the way we treat others and that better than they deserve to be treated. I like his sentence after that “God treats us all much better than we deserve to be treated” AMEN  Lastly, Bill speaks of Paul’s example to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:3-4. I long to be a person who affirms others like Bill points out  as affirmation is so very powerful and life giving. “I thank God for you. I pray for you night and day! I think about you all the time! I remember your tears! I long to see you! I am filled with joy when I am around you!!!” How incredibly intense this hit my heart. It goes beyond “I have your back” By our words and actions, my prayer is that we will follow Paul’s lead in our team building. So what makes you grow? Who are the life affirming people who speak into your life? Who might need your trust and how are you building it? Thanks for reading 🙂DSCF3571