Bible Study Materials in Chinese 中文读经资料

Possible good resources for #Evangelism #Discipleship #Chinese #Hope

allan at farcountry

As I am pastoring a Mandarin congregation, I have increasingly found that there are not many literatures out there suitable for Mainland background to use. And I am not that familiar with these resources either. Since some members from my church have asked me to recommend some books or online articles for them to read, here I list some web links that I know. If you know any good stuff out there, please let me know too.

Chinese Treasure (信仰宝库)- a good library with materials for all levels of people.

Desiring God (渴慕神)- 约翰。派博事工 – it’s John Piper, say no more!

“圣经概论” - 福音中国网站  - a brief introduction of all books from the Bible. On the same website, there are other books translated into Chinese, but I don’t know anything about them, I can’t find any information about the authors or publishers so I can’t say anything.

China Soul –…

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