It’s just a piece of candy or is it?

383730_2645539771291_1045441728_nTonight at a local grocery store as I was price checking for a purchase I observed some college/high school aged gals having fun and remembering their favorite candies from youth. As I was busy in my own world of planning a menu I observed one of the gals open up a case of candies and slip them into her friends purse. I was originally shocked, then mad because I knew God wanted me to do something. Don’t you just hate when God interrupts life stuff to help others???I can tell the atmosphere was thick as I considered what God would have me do thru prayer. With nobody around I asked the gals if they wanted to just return the candy to the box and call it good, or…..the gals quickly reacted in returning the goods and justified the stealing with some quick phrases…I softly said “you took something that’s not yours, that’s called stealing.” I told them I got caught stealing around their age & it changed my life getting caught and I am now a Christian ….God has better stuff for us to do….I then handed then tracts about God’s unconditional love…..How do you handle stuff that’s not right? How do you handle the tension of speaking truth to strangers or your loved ones? I am thankful that God gave me the wisdom and strength to gently guide the gals to make better life choices. We all need people’s help in doing what honors God. Let’s be peacemakers who seek to bring glory and honor to God as we represent to the world what it means to be  a Christian

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