First blog of 2015 Evangelism

I’m starting to blog again about doing ministry in LA. So wanted to say the biggest amount of my time goes  to sharing my faith and prayer. Most of my time with people is intentional. It can be pretty intense but I have to say that I really think life is short and I don’t enjoy the fluff of life that a lot of people do like hours of small talk. My international friends know exactly what I mean about letting the American culture swallow up your life in simply useless things. We choose what our life will look like. So with that said I hope to blog about what we are learning about sharing our faith{evangelism} and praying. I hope these conversation starter helps people be more focused and using their resources for beyond the here and now..This first blog of 2015 will be on evangelism

So we take these gospel tracts and simply offer them to people as we walk by them or as they walk by us. They are sometimes conversation starters and we sit down and talk with them about Jesus…other times they are just an attempt to set the pace for  a given neighborhood to create an atmosphere where truth is spoken. In LA, I found the spiritual atmosphere changed quite a bit when some of the Christian businesses went out of business. And when a church or ministry is started that also changes the spiritual atmosphere. Examples of this are the amount of crime, broken families, drug and alcohol use in given neighborhoods.The word of God says it will go out and accomplish what it was meant to. It’s a way to bring beauty and a fragrant aroma to often stinky places. So sharing verses you are reading from the bible, living your life according to what the bible says OR sharing the gospel with others is a way to brighten a dark room or in Christian wording, bless others. Some people see God thru visions and dreams so if you are out doing what God wants you to do it’s not uncommon to be in the right place to introduce people to Jesus because God sent them to that exact place to hear from you. If your life is more simple like mine you will probably enter into those “God gifts” more because you are listening to God and letting Him call the shots. One of my friends texted me to say watch out for a certain area because there was a person killed there today. I texted her back that the person’s family was probably hurting and might not know Jesus, so let’s pray for them. After us praying God had her go to the family and share Jesus. Seven people came to know Jesus that night and experienced His comfort in their grieving. God is a very present help in our times of trouble. We can call on Him when we have a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus’ death on the cross. He is VERY near to the brokenhearted. Today one of the guys I gave a tract to said he was never taught how to read the bible as a kid. I told him, me either 🙂 Being honest helps people see that we all are learning. God is the one I want to help grow them up. With the bible and our prayers, I am VERY certain people will go from sitting on the side lines to being active in living  out their faith. The bible says what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul, what will you give in exchange for this life you have been given? God tells me I can cash in my life for having a major impact on others if I live for Him and put others first. That is why I have made my life more simple to be available for those people who are hungry to know what that will look like. So I hope that gives you a simple idea of what some evangelism looks like and how easy it is to start making it part of your life. A huge amount of people I meet do not mainly share their faith thru their church outreach. They feel they want to be involved and ready all the time.  Those are the ones who invest their resources in the gospel…and let’s face it, tractsthJYNYNI52 are pretty simple conversation starters!! How about you? Wanna give it a try? Let me know your stories. They will encourage me and others who read this. Can you tell I hang out with internationals? Hopefully my communication style is easy for anyone to follow. Thanks for the read :)>

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