Creating movement: little seeds grow big plants in our neighbors yard

Today I wanted to post a brief story of how we can open doors for others in their workplaces. On my way to the post office, I passed out gospel tracts to those I pass by when walking or people I meet using LA’s public transportation-the Metro. There were at the local bus stop a small group of people working to promote voting in our community. There was a sign they posted and for the PR they were gathering to shoot pictures. I gave some tracts to the people who wanted them which I believe were 5 to 6 for the group of 10. One gal said “I am a believer! I am a born again Christian” She was very excited. So going beyond the surface here is a little explaining of what happens from this one simple act of love. God’s Word says it does not go out without accomplishing what it was meant to do (Isaiah 55:11). By this 10 minute exchange, the door was open for the Christian to tell me and her co-workers that she is a believer/a Christian. Those who are at a place to receive Christ and walk in His ways took the gospel tracts. The others are not there YET! So this opens the door for conversations at her workplace from their trip to take picture. Those who took and started reading the gospel tracts were open and this gal just needs to be available to be used by God to have lunch or small chats at the break station with her co-workers. Her mission fields here at home is now expanded in a workplace that might not be so easy to break the ice. How about you? Where has others labor of love opened doors for you to further the gospel? Where are you planting seeds for others to reap the harvest? We are the body of Christ and this unity brings God much glory!!
I didn’t understand what the whole idea of “movement” ment when Christians talk of this. I hope this post helps open your eyes to the understanding of how our acts or good works can have a ripple affect in our families and communities we serve.metro