Praying in Times of Crisis

Praying in Times of Crisis Created by GMI

We are seeing global crises happening all around us. Never has there been a more important time to be in prayer for our world. But have you noticed that it can be very challenging to pray in a crisis?

I have found this to be true. In those moments of crisis our minds get distracted, we are lost in the horrors of what we see on television and in the news. Our hearts break for the people, but we struggle to relate to them unless we have been through something similar.

In the moments that we have recently watched at a distance in far off places, it is hard to know where to start. Our understanding of the situation is so limited and our grasp of the tremendous suffering is so shallow. We tend to see these limitations as insurmountable odds and go back to our regular routines.

But what if we were to push through these challenges to pray intentionally for these troubled places? Here are some thoughts to help you break through and follow Christ in obedience through prayer

When you feel overwhelmed by the tragedy, pick one detail of the events unfolding and focus your prayer on that one thing.

Dive into resources like the new Operation World to understand the country or region that is struggling. Get some insight and then apply that insight deliberately in prayer.

Ask God to give you a verse that speaks to the tragedy. Memorize it and then use that verse to help lead you into prayer. 

Identify someone you know or someone within your network of connections that has been impacted by the tragedy. Talk with them if you can and allow them to give you perspective for your prayers. 

Ask your prayer partners or other close friends how they are praying for the situation and ask for accountability as you pray.