Soaring like an eagle…providing hope!!

“What controls you doesn’t control Him. What troubles you doesn’t trouble Him. What fatigues you doesn’t fatigue Him. Is an eagle disturbed by traffic? No, he rises above it. Is the whale perturbed by a hurricane? Of course not; he plunges beneath it. Is the lion flustered by the mouse standing directly in his way? No, he steps over it. How much more is God able to soar above, plunge beneath, and step over the troubles of the earth! “What is impossible with man is possible with God” (see Matthew 19:26). Our questions betray our lack of understanding: How can God be everywhere at one time? (Who says God is bound by a body?) How can God hear all the prayers that come to Him? (Perhaps His ears are different from yours.)” Never Forget: Discovering Hope In The Aftermath Of Tragedy (Max Lucado) ** Arlene’s note: I always capitalize the letter “h” when it’s God we are talking about in he/him

One thought on “Soaring like an eagle…providing hope!!

  1. It is truly hard to comprehend how God can see, hear and soar beyond what we can physically understand. It’s just not tangible. One of the mysteries I love!

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